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Those who travel to Dubai mostly come because of the big, modern sights in the city of Dubai, because of the warm climate all year round and because of the beach. But almost everyone wants to visit the countryside, the big desert. A large part of the tourists who make a day trip to the desert in Dubai do a so-called desert safari. These are organized excursions, mostly in small groups.

What is a desert safari in Dubai?

Most organizers pick up your guests at the hotel and bring them back again. You drive to a camp in the desert. Various activities are offered here, all of which are included in the tour price. Usually these are about 10 things like a ride with an off-road vehicle and or a quad (about motorcycle with 3 wheels) through the desert, a dinner in the desert (usually large buffet), camel riding, sand boarding, belly dance show, water pipe smoking and some more. Often these tours start in the afternoon because of the heat and you are back in Dubai late in the evening. The whole trip in Dubai’s desert takes about 6 to 8 hours.

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What are the offers?

There are different offers from different organizers in different camps. Below are some of the tours we suggest. All offers have received very good ratings from participants on the Internet. The prices of the tours are quite different and depend on the content of the tour and the organizer. For some offers for desert tours in Dubai the price is calculated per person, for others per vehicle. Then the price for 1 person is the same as for 4 persons. Almost all offers for a Dubai desert tour include camel riding and sandboarding. Usually also a route with a 4-Rad-Fahrzeug or a Quad is thereby by the desert. Many desert trip offers include a meal in the desert of Dubai (mostly buffet).

The tour guides of the desert safaris all speak English, tours in German into the desert of Dubai do not exist as far as we know. With many providers you can choose if you want to have a car or, of course cheaper, only if you want to book one or more places in a car. The vehicles are laid out with many organizers for maximally 6 persons.

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Camel in the desert of Dubai

Some offers for day trips in the desert of Dubai

1. Big desert tour in the afternoon and evening

This day trip goes to Camp Al Khayma. It is one of the most popular tours and is always praised by participants. The tour is organized by OceanAir Travels, a well-known company in the United Arab Emirates. Everything is included in the price: a thin ride by car, camel riding, dinner in the desert, some drinks, belly dancing and many small things. Hardly anyone was dissatisfied with this tour. Daily (15 o’clock) to about 22 o’clock with free collection in the hotel in Dubai.   >>> On this link more info and booking

2. Inexpensive desert excursion in the morning

This desert safari in Dubai is in the morning and without food, but much cheaper. As always there are camel riding, dune riding and sand boarding. There are 2 options for this desert tour – with and without quad riding in the sand of Dubai.   >>> On this link more info and booking

3. Cheap desert tour Dubai with camel riding, dinner, desert safari and …

This trip to the desert of Dubai costs less than 50 Euro per person and includes many activities. Also a good BBQ (buffet, also vegetarian possible) is included. On this 6-hour trip, Ammar Tours will pick you up free of charge from your hotel in Dubai and take you back home after the desert safari. Hardly any tour has better ratings, the guides have a very good reputation. This tour is our recommendation.        >>> On this link more info and booking

Video Desert Safari Dubai

Short film (duration 7 minutes) about a typical desert safari as described on this website with all important attractions:

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