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The “Dubai Aquarium” is one of the largest and most interesting aquariums in the world. According to some statistics it is even the largest aquarium in the world in a closed building. It is in the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world with 1200 shops and right next to the Burj Kahalfia, currently the world’s tallest skyscraper.

Dubai Aquartum, the biggest in the world
The biggest aquarium in the world in the Dubai Mall

You can visit the Dubai Mall shopping centre, the viewing platform on the highest house in the world and the Aquarium in one day. Many go first to the aquarium, then to the shopping centre and in the early evening to the sunset high on the Burj Khalifa. Then you can watch the water show at Dubai Fountain from below, which you have already seen from above on the skyscraper. In total you saw 4 highlights of Dubai, all in one day. Additionally, there is an amusement park for children and an ice rink for skating in the Dubai Mall..

>>> On this page there are normal tickets for the Dubai Aquarium

>>> On this page you will find tickets incl. glass bottom boat and diving boat simulator.

Sights in Dubai Aquarium

Probably the largest aquarium in the world, it is home to well over 100 animal species and 30,000 animals (fish and other marine animals). You can walk through the aquarium through a 50 meter long glass corridor. The biggest attraction are the huge sharks. Above all the rare tiger sand sharks, which got also offspring in the Dubai aquarium. This has not been achieved in any other aquarium in the world. In the 10 million liter main tank of the aquarium swim about 300 sharks and rays as well as thousands of other fish. Besides there are many small tanks with freshwater fishes and saltwater fishes, penguins and much more.

In the attached Underwater Zoo the 750 kg heavy and 5 meter long “King Croc” (giant crocodile) is one of the big sights. It is a saltwater crocodile from Australia and is one of the largest zoo crocodiles in the world. Also the zoo with the animals of the night (UAE Night Creatures) is worth seeing, with snakes, desert hedgehogs, scorpions, owls, bats and some other native animal species of the Arabian desert.

In the Dubai Mall Aquarium there are also some additional offers, which you can pay extra and book. These include, for example, diving between the fish in the main tank of the Dubai Mall Aquarium and a trip with a glass-bottom ship at the surface of the aquarium. These things are included in some tickets. Some tickets also include ray feeding and shark walking, others do not. There are some other additional services like a guided behind-the-scenes visit to the Dubai Aquarium…

Tickets Dubai Aquarium 2024

Of course, there is a box office at the aquarium where one can buy tickets. The entrance fees are rather high. We recommend the purchase of tickets for the Dubai Aquarium in advance on the Internet, already because the queues and waiting times on site are often quite long.

You can buy the tickets for the Dubai Mall Aquarium comfortably on the website Getyourguide:

>>> On this page there are normal tickets for the Dubai Aquarium

>>> On this page you will find tickets incl. glass bottom boat and diving boat simulator.

Opening hours Dubai Aquarium 2024

The opening hours are simple and long. The largest aquarium in the world in Dubai is open every day of the week from 10am to 24pm.

Approach Dubai Aquarium 2024

As I said, the Dubai Aquarium is centrally locat3ed in the new Dubai City (Downtown) in the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world with over 1000 shops. The subway station “Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa” is a few hundred meters away from the underwater zoo and aquarium.

>>> On this page there are normal tickets for the Dubai Aquarium

>>> On this page you will find tickets incl. glass bottom boat and diving boat simulator

Our tip:  Combi-Ticket Aquarium and lift to Burj Khalifa 2024

As I said, the highest house in the world called Burj Kjalifa is right next door. You can also buy tickets for both sights (aquarium and elevator to the viewing platform on the highest house in the world) as a combination ticket slightly cheaper. First you go up to the skyscraper. You have to choose a starting time. >>> On this link more info and booking

More great sights in Dubai

You should also buy tickets for other attractions and tours in Dubai online in advance. It is difficult to find the right agency on site, there are often long queues or the tours are sold out.

1. Water Park Wild Wadi: Directly in Dubai, not far from the best hotel in the world, the Burj al Arab. One of the best water parks in the world. There are far more than swimming pools and slides, a total of more than 30 major attractions such as rides. You have to see the Waterpark Wild Wadi!  >>>  More info and booking

2. Aquaventure Waterpark: Not far from Wild Wadi Waterpark on the gigantic artificial island of Palm. One of the largest water parks in the world. Many rides, other attractions, gigantic slides, beach and animals like sharks. The Aquaventure Water Park is a must to visit when travelling to Dubai. >>>  More info and booking

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