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The Dubai Fountain is the largest fountain in the world. It is located right in the centre of Dubai next to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. It is part of the Dubai Mall, which is the largest shopping centre in the world. The Dubai Fountain is particularly active in the evening. Every half hour there is a fountain show accompanied by a light show and music. The water shoots up to 150 metres in height. Thousands of visitors come to the Dubai Fountain Show every day. Admission is free and the water spectacle can also be seen from above, from the visitor platform of the gigantic Burj Khalifa skyscraper.

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Dubai Fountain Show

The fountain show lasts a few minutes. Hundreds of jets of water shoot upwards. The Burj Khalifa skyscraper is illuminated in different colours. There are also other lights and lasers. The entire Dubai Fountain Show is several hundred metres long. More than 6,000 light sources are used. The spectacle is accompanied by a variety of music, from traditional Arabic to pop songs. The highest fountains are up to 150 metres high. The largest fountain show in the world. The whole show takes place in a 300,000 square metre artificial lake called Fountain Lake (sometimes also called Burj Khalifa Lake).

>>> Tickets for the Fountain Show incl. boat trip are available here

The fountain at the Dubai Mall

When is the Dubai Fountain Show?

The show is several times a day. At noon there are 2 times each day at 1 pm and 1.30 pm.

However, it is better to watch the Dubai Fountain Show in the evening. The lighting effects are better after dark. In the evening, the show at the Dubai Fountain is daily at the following times: 19, 19:30, 20, 20:30, 21, 21:30 and 22. On Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays there are 2 more shows at 10.30pm and 11pm.

Dubai Fountain admission and directions

If you just want to watch the fountain show, you don’t have to pay admission. The only entrance fee is for the trip to the visitor terrace of the world’s tallest building. From there you can watch the water show from above.

The show is right in front of the Dubai Mall in the new centre of Dubai (Downtown). Simply take the red metro line to the “Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa” stop and walk a few hundred metres from there (inside, air-conditioned, there are treadmills).

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Short video Dubai Fountain (length 5 min)

The film shows the Dubai Fountain Show with many light effects and much more

Combination with other sights in the Dubai Mall

There is a lot to see in the Dubai Mall. You can see everything in one day. During the day, you can visit over 1000 shops in the shopping centre and go to the largest aquarium in the world. In the evening, you can take the lift up to the observation deck of the world’s tallest building and watch the Fountain Show from above. Afterwards, you can enjoy the water show again from below. It is important to buy tickets to the world’s tallest building in advance, as they are limited and often sell out when purchased on site. Tickets for the aquarium can also be bought in advance on the internet (often long waiting times when buying on site):

—>>> On this link you can buy different tickets for the Burj Khalifa

>>> This link offers tickets for the Dubai Aquarium

>>>> This link offers cheaper combination tickets for the world’s tallest building and the aquarium (our recommendation)

Museum of the Future: Online tickets

This fantastic museum is, in our opinion, one of the best museums in the world – well worth a visit. The crowds are huge. Buy tickets online in advance: Link to the Getyourguide ticket website (with more information and exact admission prices).

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