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Nestled in the magnificent Dubai Mall, the Dubai Ice Arena is a shining example of the emirate’s passion for creating outstanding experiences for its residents and tourists. The juxtaposition of an Olympic-sized ice rink in the heart of the desert is a symbol of Dubai’s ambitious character.

History and inspiration:

Although the exact origins of the idea to build a giant ice skating rink in a shopping mall in the middle of the desert remain hidden in the corridors of Emaar Properties (the developer of the mall), it is truly breathtaking.

The vision is clear:

to create an entertainment venue that breaks with the norm and offers a refreshing activity in the region’s hot weather.

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Architecture and Design Dubai Ice Rink :

In addition to its functional aspects as an ice skating rink, the Dubai Ice Rink is also a testament to modern architectural marvels. Thanks to the transparent barriers that allow an unobstructed view, visitors can admire the skaters gliding across the ice while shoppers continue their shopping spree just a few steps away.

Ice Skating Academy:

The Dubai Ice Skating Academy offers structured lessons at various levels that go beyond recreational skating. From children as young as three years old to adults who start skating later in life, the academy’s trained professionals are able to teach everyone.

Diverse experiences:

In addition to traditional skating, the Dubai Ice Rink regularly hosts theme nights, disco sessions with DJs and even ice yoga classes. These events transform the rink into a dynamic social hub filled with energy and music.

Ice sports:
The ice rink is not just for skating. Ice hockey tournaments, figure skating competitions and even curling have also been held here.

Facilities and amenities:

The on-site boutique offers a variety of ice skating equipment. Visitors can also rent skates in everything from sizes to essential equipment like helmets.

Museum of the Future: admission prices 2024 and tickets

The fantastic museum costs the equivalent of over 35 euros to enter. In our opinion, however, it is one of the best museums in the world – well worth a visit. The crowds are huge. Buy tickets online in advance:   >>> Link to the Getyourguide ticket website (with more information and exact admission prices).

Safety Dubai Ice Rink:

Safety is still the number one priority. In addition to professional supervisors who are present at all training sessions, the rink also uses state-of-the-art machines to ensure optimal ice conditions. For beginners, especially young children, there is roller skating equipment in the form of cute animals that guarantee both fun and safety.

>>> On this page there are normal tickets for the Dubai Aquarium

>>> On this page you will find tickets incl. glass bottom boat and diving boat simulator.

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