Dubai Helicopter Sightseeing Flight

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One of the most amazing experiences in Dubai is a sightseeing flight over one of the most exciting cities in the world by helicopter.

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Every day hundreds of tourists book a helicopter flight over Dubai. There are several providers. Helicopter sightseeing flights with different duration and at different prices. Mostly you share a helicopter with other passengers, but you can also book a helicopter alone for yourself.

Where to book a helicopter trip in Dubai?

Such flights are almost exclusively booked on the internet. We recommend booking through the famous website Getyourguide . Here you can find sightseeing flights over Dubai from different providers.

How much does a helicopter tour over Dubai cost?

The cheap offers start at about 170 euros per person. This is for round trip flight with other passengers together (about 6 passengers per helicopter). On all flights you can see many great sights of Dubai. A unique experience.

The price of a helicopter sightseeing flight over Dubai depends mainly on two things. One is the length (duration) of the flight. The other is whether you want to share the helicopter with other passengers or have the whole helicopter to yourself.

While a 12 minute helicopter flight per person over Dubai can be had from about 170 Euros, an entire helicopter for a longer period of time, for example half an hour, can cost a 4-digit Euro amount.

Of course, it makes more sense for a small group or family to rent a whole helicopter for a Dubai sightseeing flight than for a single person.

All providers presented here have good, experienced pilots and modern aircraft. Such helicopter flights are absolutely routine and take place dozens of times a day. The pilots speak good English.

>>> On the booking website Getyourguide you can book helicopter tours over Dubai: More info and online booking

What providers gives Dubai sightseeing flights by helicopter?

We recommend 2 providers: Falcon Aviation Services and Helidubai.

While Helidubai offers mainly 12-minute flights for about 180 euros per person, you can also book longer helicopter sightseeing flights with Falcon Aviation Services. We think that for the unforgettable experience of a helicopter flight in Dubai, a 12-minute flight is enough.  But of course we don’t want to discourage anyone to book a longer tour.

Both Dubai sightseeing flight companies recommended here offer their flights through the tour booking website Getyourguide.

Of course, a Dubai helicopter trip also makes a wonderful gift for anyone traveling to the United Arab Emirates. For almost every sightseeing flight participant, it is the highlight of the Dubai trip.

>>>  On the booking website Getyourguide you can book helicopter tours over Dubai: More info and online booking

Which sights can be seen during a helicopter sightseeing flight in Dubai?

Of course, this depends on the length of the booked flight.

On the helicopter tours you can see: the modern skyline of Dubai, the many skyscrapers, booths, big hotels and so on.  The world famous hotel Burj Al Arab and the highest house in the world Burj Khalifa (also Burj Dubai). Also the huge artificial island Palm Jumeirah can be seen much better from above than from the ground. Very spectacular from above is also the Dubai Canal and the world famous beach Jumeirah Beach.

On longer flights, of course, you can see even more. However, the 12-minute flights for about 170 euros are already very impressive. Probably no other place in the world has as many great sights as Dubai, which can only be seen well from the air. It is the ideal city for a helicopter sightseeing flight.

>>> On the booking website Getyourguide you can book helicopter tours over Dubai: More info and online booking


Take off / meeting points Dubai Helicopter sightseeing flight

Helicopters do not need a big airfield, they can take off in the middle of the city. Thus, from the first mints of the helicopter flight you can see the great sights of Dubai.

Helidubai takes off from the landing field of the olizei academy Dzbai ein ( Dubai Police Academy, Jumeirah). This is only a few hundred meters from the famous shopping mall “Mall of the Emirates” (also metro station of the same name). The artificial island “The Palm” and the famous hotel Burj al Arab are not far away. You can see these sights shortly after takeoff. An ideal starting point for a Dubai sightseeing flight:  More Info

Falcon Aviation Services: This helicopter sightseeing flight usually starts directly on the artificial island “The Palm”: Here you are also in the middle of Dubai and you can see great sights shortly after takeoff: More Info

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